2nd NoAH Workshop

The 2nd NoAH workshop was held on 20 May 2008 in Bruges, Belgium (in conjunction with TNC 2008).

This workshop presented the current activities of the NoAH project, along with other relevant work related to honeypots. This included talks on the Argos secure system emulator, the honey@home client that can be used on end-systems, and on signature generation and analysis.

NoAH also organised a booth at TNC 2008, where several demos of the working project prototype showed in real-time the network attacks being captured by the NoAH Honeypots. Several participants visited the booth, and expressed their interest in collaborating with the NoAH partners.

14.00-15.30   Chair: Evangelos Markatos, FORTH

Marc Dacier, the director of Symantec Research Labs in Europe, at the
NoAH booth

16.00-17.30   Chair: Kevin Meynell, TERENA